Interior Fireplace Profiles:  Many fireplaces can be transformed and updated by merely refacing them
with new materials.  We have our own Fireplace Ideas Book we have put together to show you what wonderful things can be done with Stone, Brick or Tile to update and create a whole new "look” for the most important rooms in your house.

Fireplaces and Chimneys
:  We handle the design and construction of wood- burning masonry fireplaces and chimneys and obtain your building permits. We also specialize in conversions for existing fireplaces: change from wood to gas; remove raised hearth and lower the firebox to be flush with existing floor; install new damper; change standard firebox to see-thru type installation, etc. We also design and construct exterior fireplaces and fire pits.

Retaining WallsThe integrity and durability of these walls depend on
good engineering and design!
  We handle every facet of this work from site evaluation through design, interface with structural engineers when needed, obtaining permits, and on site construction.

We build every type of wall: Berm; Natural Boulder; Poured reinforced concrete; Stucco block; Brick; Drystack stone; Mortared Stone; Segmental Block, and Pressure treated timber.