We know the sorts of improvements that add the greatest value for you; for example, improving the curb appeal of your home.
The majority of the work you will see in our Photo Gallery is directly for homeowners. Over the 39 years we have been in business we have worked on more than 7,000 homes.  Consequently:

  • We know how to evaluate whether the condition of your front porch makes it a good candidate for overlaying with more attractive materials like brick and stone.
  • We know how to match or compliment the materials on your home perfectly.     
  • We fix all sorts of drainage problems.
  • We understand how to terrace sloped yards so that these spaces become useful: for example, creating play space for children in your yard where there was none before, or providing easier access to different areas of your yard.
  • We have expanded or widened client’s driveways and parking areas.
  • Whenever possible, we are always looking to see if we can improve your property’s function as well as its aesthetics. This beautiful home entrance feature in Potomac, MD was designed to solve the problem of a very steep grade in the front yard, where there was only a "front path" of step stones from the garage to the front door.

We look at these and all sorts of other "issues”, and come up with remedies
before we complete your design