Brick Patio with 8" Border and Rocka Stone Edge
Patio Brick is "Mt. Vernon" laid in a herringbone pattern, Border Brick is "Rose Range Tudor", Rocka Stone is "Baja Beige"
Rocka Stone Patio Edge in "Baja Beige"
Drylaid PA patterned bluestone patio
Patio is laid with 1/2" spacing between the patterned Pennsylvania bluestone, on a flexible base with a brick paver border
Mortared flagstone entry
Entry is mortared patterned Pennsylvania bluestone
Stone retaining walls with flagstone capping
Terraced walls are composed of 70% Maryland blend and 30% Catawba thin stone with a Pennsylvania bluestone cap
Flagstone pool deck
Pool deck is mortared Copper Bay Flagstone
Mortared brick walkway
Walkway is running bond brick pavers with bullnose mortared steps
Patio & Outdoor Fireplace
Patio is chocolate mortared irregular flagstone with an outdoor fireplace with thinstone facing
Drylaid Flag Patio & Drystack Stone Wall
Patio is drylaid patterned PA blue flagstone with a drystack stone wall
Cabin Front Porch
Porch is made with Mega-Bergerac pavers
Townhouse Brick Patio
Patio is antique brick with mortared seat walls & bullnose steps
Cart Path at Bent Tree Club
Path is drylaid brick pavers in a 90 degree herringbone pattern
Exposed aggregate driveway
Exposed aggregate driveway accented with concrete paver borders
Flagstone front walk & porch
Walkway is irregular mortared Tennessee flagstone & a resurfaced front porch
Irregular Stone Walkway
Terrace at Burning Tree Club
Covered terrace is mortared Phoenix brick pavers in basketweave pattern
MAG patio
Patio at Manassas Assembly of God church is TechoBlock, combination of "Athena" & "allegro" concrete pavers in earth brown & shale gray
Flagstone Entry, Steps & Porch
Mortared patterned PA blue flagstone entry, steps & porch
Stone Entry
Entry is irregular mortared Oakland stone
Paver pool deck
Pool deck is TechoBlock concrete pavers with stone retaining walls capped with flagstone
Paver driveway
Driveway is Athena concrete pavers in Sandlewood color with banding in tan-colored Hera pavers
Brick walkway
Walk is drylaid brick in herringbone pattern (not 90 degrees)
Stepstone Walk
Stone and segmental retaining walls for pool
Inca Concrete Paver Running Bond Pattern
TechoBlock paver drylaid running bond Riviera
Inca Concrete Paver Running Bond Pattern
Contemporary Pre-cast Stone Surround
Thin Quartzite Stone Facing Floor to Ceiling Fireplace
Thin Slate Basement Fireplace
Chestnut Brown Flagstone Patio
Carder Rock Stone Wall
Combination Brick and Flagstone
Mortared brick and flagstone front walk
Irregular Flagstone Drylaid in Rustic Loose Pattern
Driveway Entrance Walls
Drylaid Antique Brick Paver Patio
Drylaid Antique Brick Paver


Travertine Stone Tile Entryway
tile is set in a random pattern; bullnose step treads
Outdoor Grill and Wall
Stone is Endless Mountain field stone in custom laying style developed especially for this client
Brick Driveway Detail
Herringbone pattern with 12" outside border and 8" bands between sections of the driveway
Flagstone Entryway
Walkway and porch are Flagstone, with Stone Step Risers
Paver Driveway with Cobblestone Edging
Pavers are Belgard Dublin and cobblestones are Fossil Beige color
Exposed Aggregate Patio with Irregular Flagstone Step
Irregular Flagstone color is "Tennessee"
Exposed Aggregate Patio, Irregular Flagstone border, River Rock bed
12"border is Irregular Flagstone, color is "Tennessee"
Huntington Gold Quartzite patterned flagstone
bullnose pieces on front porch and step
Southbay Fieldstone wall
capped with rock-faced Indiana Limestone
Techo Bloc Blu Patio with Rocka Steps
Blu slabs used on patio in Champlain Grey, Allegro pavers used in running bond pattern for the walkway, Rocka steps are Rock Garden Brown color
Allegro Paver Walkway with Rocka Steps
Quatrefoil Brick Patio
Main Patio is "Mt. Vernon" Brick, 12" outside border is "Old Baltimore" Brick, and banding between patio sections is 16" wide
Riviera Gray Mosaic Stone Seat Wall
Patio material is variegated PA Flagstone
Allegro Walkway
Techo Bloc Allegro in Running Bond Pattern and Sandalwood color
Stone Veneer Wall
Thin Ledgestone Quartzite Veneer -Close up of Relief
Thin Ledgestone Quartzite Veneer Fireplace
Drylaid Patterned Flagstone Walkway
Drylaid Irregular Flagstone
Patterned, Varigated Pennsylvania Flagstone
Walkway is mortared
Rustic Step Stones
Brick Herringbone Pattern, Rowlock Step, 12" Border, and Square Posts
Techo Bloc Rocka Stone Steps
Mortared Irregular Flagstone Walkway
The color is Tennessee 
Flagstone Stepstones
Stone Wall, Steps, and Paver Driveway
Wall is Semi Dry-stacked with split weather face building stone; Steps are Techo Bloc Rocka Stone; Driveway is EP Henry Coventry I-color is Dakota Blend
Patio, Seat Wall, and Small Boulders
Patterned Pennsylvania Flagstone Patio; 12" Brick border step; flagstone curved seat wall; and small boulders