Since 1980, The King’s Masons, Inc. has established it’s unique reputation specializing exclusively in hard-scape design and construction in the Virginia, Maryland, D.C. area. Most landscape design begins with the need for elements such as: patios, walks, driveways, porches, steps, walls, posts, columns, pools, fountains etc. Through many centuries of construction, high quality masonry materials have proved to be aesthetically pleasing and the most durable. Masonry construction can be an artistic investment in your home and environment!

Our extensive knowledge of our core materials: Brick, Stone and Concrete Pavers, allows us to give our customers superior service in recommending which ones to use on any given project, and how to use them to best effect and cost.
For example: 
- Which will look best with your home’s architectural style?
- How can we effectively match new materials to existing ones?
- What are your options for materials, colors, patterns?
- How does the choice of material or construction methodology affect cost?
- How durable are the materials, and are there any maintenance issues? 

The majority of our clients are homeowners that have come to us through personal referrals. We have also worked on numerous commercial projects over the 39 years we have been in business; engaging directly with other landscape companies, engineers, landscape architects and designers, builders and H.O.A.’s

All three of our foreman have been with us over 25 years and we take pride in working together as a team. We believe we can proudly offer you unparalleled customer service and a great product, so that you can confidently refer us to YOUR friends and contacts.
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       We are here to serve your needs!

Carolyn Vincent, Richard Baker, AmyLynn Herring, and David Daubert