We recognize there is a need for quality repairs.  Often we come behind "quick" work by others to improve or restore the integrity of an installation, or make repairs after seasonal damage.  Because every customer repair job is unique, work is charged on "Time and Materials” basis. This includes the time actually spent on the job, as well as one way travel to your site, the time to collect materials, and haul debris away from site, plus any material charges. You can trust us and our experienced repair crew to serve your needs well.
  • You can contract for repair work right over the phone or from our website.  We are happy also to come out to meet, evaluate your situation and give an approximate cost to complete the needed repairs. The standard charge for this site visit is $50.00, with higher quotes for longer distance travel.
  • Chimney evaluations have a minimum charge of $200.00 to cover costs for a supervisor, truck and ladder to access the chimney for a close inspection. We take digital pictures so that we can show you details of the damage and better explain our plan to remedy. If it is sufficient to make a visual inspection from the ground, then the site visit charge drops to $50.00
  • Please request a quote on our standard hourly labor charges, understanding that our rates are reduced in the winter season.