We firmly believe that the design phase is the most important part of your job. This is true whether your project is small or complex. Many times, over the years we have heard from clients how they, or a previous contractor who worked for them, "missed” or "didn’t think of” certain functional or aesthetic details that ended up detrimentally impacting their job. The decisions that are made in the design phase are what ensure outstanding results. We have built our reputation over the past 39 years on having an eye for these details. And this is one of the primary reasons our clients choose to work with us.

   Why is it advantageous for a client to work with a company that has strong design ability? Our creativity and experience allow us to see the undeveloped possibilities in your property that you might not even have thought of, or didn’t know how to achieve. We suggest various approaches, give you our recommendations for design elements such as those listed below, and then suggest which ones should be highest priority. 

  • what materials are most appropriate
  • how the choice of material affects cost
  • which materials perform best and why others do not
  • maintenance issues and what to expect
  • dimensions so that the spaces function well for their intended purposes;
  • colors, textures, patterns;
  • coordination of various design elements so that everything works together in purpose and beauty. 

  We are a guide that keeps you on the right path, and oftentimes our knowledge and suggestions can save you $$$.
For one of our clients in Herndon, we lowered the cost of installing retaining walls around their pool by suggesting a multi-terraced slope
with three walls, each under 24” tall. This approach not only saved the client quite a bit of money, and enhanced their design – but it also
eliminated the cost and trouble of a building permit - they were very happy.