Commercial Architects / Builders

The King’s Masons has done many commercial projects over the years for churches, offices, restaurants, country clubs, schools etc. Here are a few examples, with a slightly more expanded list at the bottom of our Home Page.

  • Westwood Country Club in Vienna, Va. - we constructed stone bridge abutments  
    and set several bridges on their cart paths, one with an 80 foot span!

  • Rock Creek Cemetery in Wash. D.C. - we set all new granite walls and steps surrounding the world famous Saint- Gaudens sculpture at the Henry and Clover Adams Memorial.

  • The Historic Falls Church, Westwood Baptist, Truro Episcopal Church,
    Manassas Assembly of God
    (see photo)

  • Great American Restaurants - Sweetwater Tavern in Centreville, Va. - we designed and installed a new large waterfall and pond within their outside garden.

  • Archstone Communites - over a number of years the King's Masons, working with Southwood Corp, has been proud to construct more than 30 DC area community entrance features for Archstone-Smith Trust, the third largest apartment real estate investment trust in the USA.

We also provide a full range of services for General Contractors including: footers; block foundations; brick and stone veneer; both new fireplaces and modifications of existing ones; window and door conversions in masonry walls that may include the need for shoring, lintel changes, expansion of openings; proper matching of new materials with existing ones, and more.

Some other commercial clients are Hitt Construction, RJS Construction, multiple projects for Sun Design, as well various smaller contractors.

For a greater understanding of our range of services, see our heading: Specialties